Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So Many Changes

So after not posting in ages, I've decided it's in my best interest to write a bit about my life these days. Hopefully this way I can keep some record of Kieran's many changes. He's such a beautiful funny boy. He had his 6 month baby wellness checkup today and it was quite entertaining. Unfortunately we had to wait for an hour to see the doctor! They are usually so much better than that but we had an afternoon appt so it's to be expected. While we were waiting Kieran was sitting on the exam table with the crinkly paper. First of all, he LOVES the paper. he loves to eat it, rip it and generally be as destructive as possible. As he was sitting there, I was playing with him and tapped the paper a few times quickly. He laughed sooo hard! It was the biggest belly laugh I had ever heard come out of him. Nothing more precious than a chubby baby laughing with such pure joy. A moment I'd like to never forget, for sure.

Our big boy is 17lbs 6oz and 26.25in!

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